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Scott Flowers

Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker,
Author & Business Consultant

“I strive to be a good role model and mentor for current and future generational stewards of our shared world, and I offer my services as a consultant, mentor, speaker, friend, and community member in that regard.”

“I affirm the importance and unsurpassed value of communication, whether written or expressed verbally. Above all, you must entertain and intrigue your audience while you educate. If people aren’t interested they won’t listen, let alone remember.”

Dr. Anna Lepeley

Scott Flowers Has Been Featured In:

Public Speaking

Dr. Mardy Grothe said, “Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore.” Public speaking is an art form recognized since the dawn of mankind. Socrates may have been the preeminent master, and he was executed for his ability. Hiring the right speaker for your event will determine its ultimate success or failure.

Corporate Training

Corporate training will benefit every organization. Empower your most valuable asset by engaging knowledge and experience currently going untapped. Create a unified vision motivating people to come together and succeed as a team. Create true leaders and visionaries in middle management and turbo boost frontline managers and supervisors into professional leaders.

Small Business Consulting

Hiring a professional consultant for small business is the most important step a leader can take. Elevate performance to new levels. Take your business from break-even to iconic status faster than ever imagined. Find out what is stunting growth and what potential is lying untapped. Discover steps to create explosive
gains, and see your business flourish and profit.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are already an executive or you aspire to become one, a personal coach will unlock untapped potential. Legends like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, John Maxwell, and Richard Branson utilize coaches to improve their performance. In fact, one thing all top-performers in every genre of profession have in common is the utilization of someone to keep them improving.

Business & Personal Development

infinite possibilities. endless opportunities.


Scott Flowers Consulting was created to help supervisors become better managers, managers become leaders, and leaders become visionaries. We believe all people are born with a unique purpose and the skills and passion to accomplish that purpose, and we are here to help.

We have helped many organizations become rejuvenated and engage their workforces to reach new heights of success, get more job satisfaction, overcome adversity, embrace challenges, and create high-performing teams through better leadership.



Quite simply, we make you better at what you already do. We will consult and learn you or your organization’s specific strengths and challenges, and we will help you utilize the strengths to overcome the challenges. We will also do a 360 degree review to determine what hidden strengths are going under-utilized, and what challenges may be holding you back without your knowledge.


Our expertise can help any organization or leader who has employees, faces changes in their marketplace, is attempting to grow or overcome obstacles, or is seeking to become more efficient and profitable. We have helped construction companies, health care providers, art galleries, retail mall stores, corporate franchises, executive management and first-time job seekers, and many more.


Our experience encompasses all aspects of business from small startups to fortune 500 corporations, non-profit providers to governmental agencies, executives to first-time supervisors. We won’t give platitudes or generic advice, we will get in the boat and row with you! Our success lives in the success of our clients. We will bring a fresh perspective and unique solutions.

Mr. Flowers displays an understanding of problem solving methods, finding root causes and solutions to business problems. He delivers messages in a manner appropriate for the audience, and he adjusts his messages and incorporates creativity to engage his customers.


Administrator, Florida Department of Revenue

Your skill set is so impressive I would truly label you a renaissance man. I have not met someone that embodies all the attributes I would want in a manager/leader, but spending this time together with you, I would have to say you come as close as anyone.


Revenue Manager, Florida Department of Revenue

Thank you so much for the excellent presentation at the 491 Board Meeting. I had many comments from Board members following your discussion, including a request by one of the associations to have you appear at their annual meeting next year!


Executive Director Florida Board of Licensed Mental Health Counselors

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