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End of the year is time for reflection. Facebook is helpful by showing us memories from our previous years. I was lucky to find inspiration today from something I wrote three years ago just before a lot of positive things started to happen in my life. I don’t believe in coincidences, although I do believe in a certain amount of fate. I have had a couple of occasions to discuss my fate with God, and it is always empowering and hopeful to know, while we are born with innate abilities and missions, we still have free will to choose the hard paths or easy paths, comfort or adventure, love or resentment. Knowing my fate is a result of my own decisions, I have to believe something changed within me at this time about three years ago, and I’ve been blessed to start sharing it with the world.
December 26, 2013 I wrote:
Most people know the Winter Solstice as the first day of winter, but I disagree. Sure it is the shortest day of the year, but when the sun rises on the following morn it is the first day of our spring! During the first 10 days following solstice, our days start getting longer, our families come together for the holidays, goodwill and glad tidings ring through our streets, one year ends, and we ring in a new one. We begin to reflect and to make promises for the New Year. We’ve turned away from typical resolutions, and instead we have decided to stand resolute and committed to our future.
This year will be the greatest year of my life!
All past years exist only in our memories and future years only in our imagination, but this year is immediately upon us. This isn’t the beginning or middle of winter; this is the end of our old era! This is the end of our history. This is the beginning of the greatest time of our lives! This is our spring! This is our rebirth! This is the sun rising over our imagination and shining light into the deep recesses of self-imposed limitation! This is the morning when doubt, fear, regret, and depression leave us and we dive headlong into something better! We decide it to be so. We command it to be so! We live as if it is already our truth, and we don’t look back.

When the cold and the rain and the wind tap on your window, and beat at your coat, and tug at your scarf, remember, this is our SPRING! This is the time we begin to grow! This is the time we become what we were meant to be!
Say It with me. Say it for me. Say it for yourself. Say it out loud, and believe it. Leave no doubt. Do not go into the New Year expecting anything less.

I didn’t write it at the time with any specific goals in mind except to remain positive, look to the future instead of the past, and live inside each moment to savor time as my kids grow up and my loved ones are still around to appreciate and love.

Since that day, I have been able to get a steal on a little piece of land that looked like where I might want to build a dream. To my wife it looked a lot like scrub brush, bugs and snakes, but we’ve now built two cabins and uncovered the pond and streams and created small gurgling waterfalls. This morning I watched three river otters tease my dog, while chickens and ducks scratched around in the pine needles and fallen leaves. We gave up a large house and a pool, and we’ve simplified our lives. My sons are growing into nice young men. My Mom and Dad live right next door, and my wife’s parents are five minutes away. Some of these actions have empowered my parents to expand their business and travel to Hawaii, California, Missouri, Georgia, and throughout Florida working at their own pace and leisure exactly as they had intended their retirement.

I took on a new role at work following that 2013 epiphany, and in 2014 I began finding my true passion. I am sharing this gift by speaking,coaching, mentoring, and consulting to make other leaders better at their jobs. It is my passion, because I know shaping better leaders makes a larger impact when those who follow them can be happier, more productive, and more empowered.

I am finally completing a number of books I’ve wanted to write since I was 20 years old. Writing (especially non-fiction) is intimate and risky, and requires more courage and commitment than I ever had in the past. In the spring of 2017 and throughout the remainder of the year, my heart will be out there for the world to read.

I implore you to think of this winter solstice, the dead of winter, as the perfect time for rebirth. The sun has started its journey back to the north, the days are getting longer, the calendar will be turning over in a few days, we’ve hopefully made use of this holiday time to seek out our loved ones, we can purge all negativity and start fresh.

Once again, repeat it with me, “This year will be the greatest year of my life, because I will it to be so, and it is within my power to create!”